Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School Time: Books about School for Infants, Twos, and Threes

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Some children can't wait for the first day of school to begin, while other young children have a more difficult time making the transition from summer to "back to school". Today I'm sharing some simple books with a school theme that are especially appropriate for very young children (infants, twos, and threes). The simplicity of these texts, along with their vibrant pictures, allows for a great opportunity to discuss what your child might expect in school - whether it's his first time in a new school or are a returning student.

Books About School: Top Picks for Young Children 

All of these books can help young children understand the ins and outs of the school day routine. What is also so great is that they are easy to read with very young children who might be in a day care setting, but are interesting enough for preschool students who might be returning to school after a summer break.

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My First Day of Nursery School
by Becky Edwards and illustrated by Anthony Flintoft
Bloomsbury USA (2004)

by Robert Neubecker
Hyperion Book reprinted (2011)

We Love School 
by Marilyn Janovitz
NorthSouth Books (2007)

                                              Maisy Goes to Preschool
by Lucy Cousins
Candlewick (2010)

Let's Go to School
by Fisher Price (TM); Doris Tomaselli
Reader's Digest (2009)

Tips for reading these books to your child:
  • Point out how your child's school will be similar to or different from the classroom's in these books.
  • Talk about how the characters are feeling in the books. Relate these feelings to how your child is feeling about going to school.
  • Use the books to help you describe to your child the types of activities that she will do in school.
  • Identify behaviors in the books that are expected of children who are in school.
  • Observe any friendships between characters in these books, and talk about making new friends.

By reading these books with your child and using these read aloud tips before you snap that "FIRST DAY OF" picture, you are giving them a head start on being ready to learn. I hope these books are a wonderful beginning to your child's school year!

What books do you read before school begins?

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