Friday, January 20, 2012

Just for Fun Friday: There's a Mouse About the House

In actuality it was a bat (yes, a bat) that we found sleeping on top of our fire detector in our foyer this week, but I guess having a mouse about the house is a cuter topic for a children's book.

On this "fun Friday", the day of the week we devote to reading books with a little "character" so to speak, we read There's a Mouse About the House! by Richard Fowler.

It is an interactive book that comes with a small paper mouse with a long tail made out of string.  As you read the story, the child takes the mouse and follows its path through a house, in and out of cracks in the floor and spaces under doors, as he hunts for something good to eat.  

Baby bookworm had a grand old time with her little mouse friend and this book....but let's hope it is only mouse we will EVER see in this house.

What book did you read today that was especially fun?

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  1. Ooh, this sounds like fun (the book, not the bat!). Thanks for joining WMCIR!

    1. Sure, I hope to link up again! Happy to have found fellow book lovers! Thanks for checking us out. This book keeps my child entertained on her own for awhile, which can be nice :)


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