read-aloud tips

Simple Tips for Reading with your Young Child
The more you seem interested in the story, the more motivated your child will be to read with you.  Remember, reading aloud together is not only about learning, but about having fun, too.

2) Talk about the pictures.
Pictures provide another valuable learning opportunity.  You might want to build vocabulary and strengthen language skills by naming objects, or asking your child to describe a scene in his own words.

3) Use dialogic reading techniques.
This technique is also called "hear and say" reading.  Ask your child "what" questions about the story, and follow up by repeating and expanding on what he says.

Show your child how to hold the book.  Talk about the cover page and point out
the title, the picture, and the author's name.  You might even want to point to the words as you
read them, especially words that are used frequently in the story.

5) Read and repeat.
Children enjoy and learn through repetition.  So, don't be afraid to read the same
book over and over again!

Tips for reading to babies.
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