Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Clever Lesson on Name Calling: Bully by Laura Vaccaro Seeger {the book of the week}

This week's book of the week is BULLY by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (also the author of Green).

There are only a few words in this book, yet they tell such a meaningful story in a very clever way. At the heart of BULLY is the simple moral: calling people names is not nice, and they will not want to be your friend if you do.

BULLY teaches this important lesson in a very kid-friendly way by using farm animals as the story's characters. The mean-spirited bull at the center of the tale is great at making fun of others, but find out what happens when he gets a little taste of his own medicine.

The illustrations in BULLY highlight the animals and their emotions, which is a crucial element to the theme of the book, and makes for a perfect learning opportunity. It's an easy book to read with those three and under because it's short for the babies and toddlers, and clever for the 3-year olds who may understand the significance of the title and main character.

After reading this book

Extend your child's literacy and comprehension by taking a few minutes to discuss the book after you are done reading it. Try to:

talk about the moral. Why is it bad to be a bully? How did being called names make the animals feel?

relate the book to the child. Have you ever been a bully or been bullied? How did it make you feel?

talk about each animal. What animals can you name from the story? Why did the bully call each animal the name that he did?

draw a picture. What animal would you add to the story? How would he feel? What would he do or say?

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