Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Celebrating Dr Seuss' Birthday: Math and Literacy Activities for Hop on Pop

Who doesn't love Dr Seuss books, right? They are full of goofy words and rhymes, unusual characters, and often teach pretty cool lessons! In celebration of Read Across America and Dr Seuss' birthday on March 2nd, baby bookworm and I read Hop on Pop and followed up with some math and literacy activities inspired by the book.


The great thing about Hop on Pop is that it's FULL of simple rhymes, which makes it an ideal match for children ages 3 and under. Here's how we learned from Hop on Pop by Dr Seuss:

1) We read the book together.
  • I pointed out the rhyming words to baby bookworm on each page
  • Since the words are repeated in the book, I asked her to find and point to each rhyming word as well

2) We played a rhyming game.
  • We created two cards, one that said "yes" and another that said "no"
  • I called out two words from the book such as "house" and "mouse"
  • If the words rhymed, baby bookworm would hold up the "yes" card; if they did not rhyme she would hold up the "no" card

3) We created rhyming lists.
  • I selected four of the rhyming words from the book
  • I asked baby bookworm to name as many words as she could that rhymed with each of these words
  • We wrote down our words on a white board

4) We made a graph based on the words that we rhymed
  •  We tallied up the number of words in each group
  • I asked baby bookworm which word had the most rhymes, and which had the least
  • Then, we created a graph using dot paints; we put number of words along the y axis (vertical) and words along the x axis (horizontal) (she loved this activity so much that she asked to do it again the next day)
So I ask you now: What are you doing to celebrate Dr Seuss' birthday? What is your favorite Dr Seuss book?
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  1. Hop on Pop was my absolute favorite book as a child. I definitely need to do some of these activities with my preschooler so he will enjoy the book more. :)


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