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Booking Across the USA: Learning about Pennsylvania

I'm very excited to be participating today in the Booking Across America project hosted by Jodie over at Growing Book by Book - a blog devoted to "nurturing our youngest readers". For this project, a child-friendly blogger from each state will showcase one book related to their state and an activity to go with the chosen book.

I'm representing our hometown state of Pennsylvania and have selected My Little Pennsylvania ABC to go along with our learning activity: A fun, crafty, kid-friendly MAP OF PENNSYLVANIA.

When I came across this book at Barnes and Noble earlier this week, I thought it was perfect for this blog, my baby bookworms who are 3 years and 2 months, and the Booking Across the USA project. Here's why:

1) it has this super cute baby on every page that is dressed up as "something Pennsylvanian" (for example, L is for Lancaster and he's dressed up in Amish gear) - which happens to make learning a little more fun,

2) it's a board book which is great for the "littlest learners" ages 3 and under that are the focus here at Land of Once Upon a Time,

3) it teaches alphabet knowledge and phonemic awareness - important emergent literacy skills,

4) it provides a great basis for a discussion about our state and could easily tie in to a crafy learning activity, and

5) baby bookworm could make connections from the book to her life because we had already visited many of the places in PA (which is a great learning mechanism).

Showing off the cover of the book

J is for Johnstown Incline Plane - a place we have visited! 
After enjoying this book several times, we dove into our craft and learning activity which was a MAP OF PENNSVANIA. It could easily be created with infants, toddlers, or preschoolers by modifying a few elements.

Here are the instructions for this learning activity, if you would like to make your own (for PA or another state).

Gather the following materials:
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors (adult)
  • Finger paints
  • Art smock
  • Large sheet of paper
  • Pen (for drawing the outline of PA)
  • Craft letters (to spell Pennsylvania)
  • Craft stars (for showing where cities are)
INSTRUCTIONS: Begin by either tracing or free-hand drawing an outline of the state of Pennsylvania on to the contact paper. Cut it out, peel off the contact paper, and stick it on to your large sheet of paper.

Then you are ready to paint (and make a mess) - which is the fun part!

Let the paint dry for a few minutes and then peel off the contact paper; your outline of Pennsylvania will be revealed.

Allow the paint to fully dry, then grab your craft letters and stars, and your book! Identify the word Pennsylvania on the front cover, and invite your child to name each letter; play a little search and find game with the craft letters and see if your child can find all of the letters to spell out Pennsylvania.

Once you have found all of the letters, glue them on to your map.

Last but not least, add stars on your map to represent various cities in PA. We chose to identify cities in PA where we had friends or family living, or ones that we have visited.

In addition to this book on Pennsylvania we read a bunch of books on the largest city in PA - Philadelphia, which also happens to be where we live.

Our collection of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia books

1 2 3 Philadelphia by Puck - A counting book for young children
Good Night Philadelphia by Adam Gamble - A perfect bedtime story

The ABC's of Philadelphia by Greg Landry - An illustrated guide to the city

P is for Philadelphia by Susan Korman - An ABC book about Philly illustrated by Philly kids

Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know - A book with tons of facts for learning

Baby bookworm loves seeing the places that she has visited in these books, and has a list of places she would still like to see.

I'd also like to mention that Pennsylvania is home to a few of our favorite authors: Jan and Stan Berenstain of the Berenstain Bears series (my last post was about their book The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist and learning activities to accompany it), and Mr. Fred Rogers who was from Latrobe! Comedian and educator Bill Cosby is also a Philly native.

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  1. Very good! Maria Kiepert- Retired Pre School Teacher

  2. Good variety of resources. Loved how you managed to get the state shape using contact paper - great idea for a large shape.

  3. Adorable activity and awesome selection of books!

  4. What a great book to introduce our youngest bookworms to the state they live in! I also love the painting activity! Thank you so much for participating in the Booking Across the USA project. I'm so glad that I discovered your blog!


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