Friday, February 3, 2012

Books and Activities Round-Up

Baby bookworm and I do LOTS and LOTS of crafts and activities in conjunction with reading books.  I often don't get the time to blog about all of them in detail.  So, here is a round-up of some of my favorite things we have done in the past month.

by Bill Martin Jr.
illustrated by Eric Carle

A classic.  
Repetitious text and brightly colored animals
makes it enjoyable for babies and toddlers,
and an "easy" reader for school-aged children.

Animal Stamper Activity

A very quick and easy activity that teaches animal names, fine motor skills, and colors.  The stampers we used are from Melissa & Doug.  Make up a story like we did that mirrors the rhythm of Brown Bear Brown Bear!

Blue horse blue horse what do you see? I see a green turtle...

by Keith Baker

A cute book about the uniqueness in everything

Snowflake Match

This activity will give your child a little practice in fine motor and matching, and all you need are some scissors, a hole puncher, and white paper.

Fold your paper into the shape of a square and use scissors
and hole puncher to make snowflakes

Our snowflake masterpieces - no two are alike!

I cut the snowflakes in half down the center
Then baby bookworm matched the second half of the
snowflake to the first


by Christopher Santoro

A lift-the-flap book

Dinosaur Dig Activity

This activity is not only science related, but math, too!  And aside from the HUGE mess, was a lot of fun.  Don't forget to make connections back to the book.  If you have a baby, you could probably try this activity with jello (an idea that I can't take credit for because my friend mentioned her infant did this at day care).

Our materials for the dig included - a rake, shovel, sand, Popsicle sticks (bones),
a large bowl, magnifying glasses and a little water

Hide all of the Popsicle sticks in the sand.  Add a little water.
Then let your child dig for "bones" with the tools
When you find a bone, mark it with a number like a real Paleontologist


Little Scholastic

Learn all about the parts of a snowman in this board book perfect for 
babies and toddlers

Sock Snowman Craft

A fun way to build your own snowman without the snow!  We used a sock, cheerios for stuffing, and pipe cleaners, paint, googly eyes, and markers to decorate.  Inspire your child's creativity.

Sock snowman filled with Cheerios


by Oliver Jeffers

A tale of a boy and his penguin friend who is on a quest to fly.
A story of friendship at heart.

Penguin Craft

Aside from being a cute craft, making this penguin is a lesson in size!  Arrange the ovals by size and talk about bigger and smaller.

All you need to make the penguin (plus some glue)

Have a conversation about size while you create your penguin

All finished!

Why is it a good idea to pair a book with an activity or craft?

  • it's a great way to spark interest in a topic.  For instance, reading about what a Paleontologist does may not be as fun as "doing" what a Paleontologist does. 
  • it can motivate a child to read; after doing an activity, a child may be more interested in reading the book again and again, or other books on the topic.
  • it helps to build connections between a child's knowledge base and new learning
  • it helps with the transfer of knowledge; learning concepts and skills in different contexts will help your child transfer their knowledge from one situation to another
  • it aids learning through repetition of concepts and ideas 
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Shibley Smiles

What books and activities have you paired recently? Please share!

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  1. I love the sock snowman if we hadn't got snow I was going to make one with pom poms but luckily the snow arrived. I love linking activities with books it really helps bring them to life and helps the learning process as well. Literacy shouldn't just be about sitting reading a book.


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