Sunday, November 13, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

The Learning Hypothesis nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Totally cool. 

I stumbled upon The Learning Hypothesis blog this summer.  What attracted me to it at first was the title.  Having been a researcher for many years and having taught research methods at a few local colleges and universities, anything with the word hypothesis seemed like it might be right up my alley, so to speak.  And it wasn't just any hypothesis, but a learning one.  Um...I love to learn.  You may recall that I was in school for 30+ years! 

It turns out that the title of her blog did not disappoint!  This is a smart blog with lots of learning information and great lessons/activities for children.  Kim, the author, is a mom, has homeschooled, taught in a K - 12 setting, and is a college science professor.  So if you have a second, I encourage you to check out this blog for yourself.

According the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award, I have to share 7 things about myself, and then pass the award along to 15 (gulp) other blogs, and let them know I'm nominating them. 

So here goes.  7 things about me.

1. I am a vegetarian.  I've been one for 14 years, and it's been incredibly easy!  I do NOT miss meat, and in fact, I'm not even sure I ever really liked it to begin with.

2. Until earlier this year I didn't know a thing about blogs.  I can thank a good friend for encouraging me to get with the program.  I still feel like there is a TON to learn, but I think it's totally awesome to have "met" many new people through the blogging community.

3. For about 7 years I worked as a data/research analyst in the field of psychometrics.  There are days when I miss it, but most days I am thankful to be teaching my daughter.

4. I hope to start a business and/or write a book and/or open a school one day.  Let's just say I have big dreams. Getting a PhD was my first.  To become a mom was my second. 

5. I lived in NYC on 9/11.  Worst. Day. Ever. (but that probably goes without saying)

6. I'm shy, soft spoken, very quiet, slightly nerdy, book wormy (which also probably goes without saying), and introverted.  Yet when I blog, I'm ultra wordy and have too much to say!  (case in point, this post is "to be continued...")

7. I believe in destiny, being in the right place at the right time, happy accidents, what goes around comes around, serendipity, and happy endings.  I also think I might have watched one too many Molly Ringwald movies and read one too many fairy tales growing up!

Now, the second part.  Nominating 15 other Versatile Blogs for the award.  I read lots of different kinds of blogs, so these blogs are not all from one genre.  {by the way...not everyone writes this much - you can just list the blogs you would like to nominate, but please see #6 under 7 things about me}

1. A Charming Little Life in Philly - a personal blog about a girl's search for happiness in a new city.  I love reading about all of the new restaurants she visits, and all of her decoration inspirations.  It reminds me in some ways of when I was younger, single, and exploring NYC.

2. Diapered Daze and Knights - a personal blog about creatively raising two boys.  Heather, the blogger, is a literacy professor and has some useful information on learning to read, particularly for boys.  She also shares some cute ideas and daily musings.

3. Whispers and Shouts - written by Dawn, a mom of twin boys, this blog offers some practical advice for living in small spaces.  Dawn's posts have a great sense of humor, and I've often times found myself chuckling as I read them.  She also has some really heart warming posts about her children and some personal experiences, and I admire her honesty and openness.

4. Confessions of A Stay-At-Home Mom - Steph, this blog's author, is mom to two adorable little girls.  She writes about parenthood, daily musings, and whatever comes to mind!  She has a FABULOUS recipe index that has been quite useful, and I am in awe of any mom who has two little ones and can still find the time to cook anything (I only have one and can barely do it).

5. Love2learn2day - Cindy, who holds a masters degree in Education and is mom to 5 children, writes this blog.  She specializes in math education and has tons of really great lessons/activities posted on her blog.  What I love the best is her very comprehensive listing of math-related books - it's a fabulous resource.

6. Learning ALL the time - a homeschooling blog written by a mom, Susan, of two girls.  I love a bunch of things about this blog: 1) all of the great pictures of the girls outdoors and all the great food they bake, 2) the gratitude posts where she lists what they are grateful for each week (such a wonderful idea that I need to incorporate into my life), 3) it redefines the traditional notion of learning and schooling, 4) her weekly resource link up (which I post to if I have something relevant), and 5) the fact that her two girls write their very own blogs (which are linked to this blog).

7. Creativity My Passion - this blog is home to a ton of smart, crafty activities for children.  Esther is a stay-at-home mom who shares some great learning ideas on this blog, and baby bookworm have tried to recreate many of them.  I have come across to many blogs in this genre but this one has stuck out in my mind.

Ok, so that was only 7 blogs, not 15, but this post is getting kind of long! 8 more to come.  Eventually.  I promise. 


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