Friday, November 11, 2011

Just for Fun Friday: Go Away Big Green Monster App

So in celebration of Halloween a few weeks ago we read Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley and paired this book with a cute monster craft.  Today, on our day where I make a special effort to make reading extra enjoyable and fun, we read this book again (and again and again) via my iphone.  And by that, I'm of course talking about the Go Away, Big Green Monster! app (yes, there's an app for that).

For whatever reason, children seem to find adult gadgets particularly alluring.  And while toy companies try their best to make child versions of car key clickers, cell phones, mp3 players, and computers - in my experience they have done little to deter baby bookworm away from the real thing!

So when baby bookworm reached 18 months, I officially gave up and let her play with my iphone. that is quite the expensive toy for an 18 month old, but as long as I have kept a very watchful eye on her while she's using it, I've found that my iphone has been a great learning tool!  And the iphone is so user friendly that I truly think they need the slogan "it's so easy to use, even a baby can do it!"  (of course, use your own judgement about whether your child is "ready" to play with your cell phone - I don't want to get hate mail from you saying that your 1 year old broke your $400 phone).

Baby bookworm caught on to manipulating the iphone and her apps and photos at lightning speed.  She has several games, and a few books that she plays with on a regular basis.  Some were free and some were a few dollars.

Our latest addition to my iphone, Go Away, Big Green Monster!, has been a real hit.  We downloaded it a little over a week ago and she's wanted to "play" with it everyday.  Since today is "just for fun" Friday, we took some extra time to use the app together. 

The Go Away, Big Green Monster! app is the same story we have all grown to love, only jazzed up a little bit.  There are a few options for reading the story:
1) along with Ed Emberley
2) along with a friend (its the voice of a little kid)
3) by "myself" (meaning with no voice over) OR your child can
4) sing along (there is a very, very cute song created from the story)

Your child can also tap the various parts of the monster and they move, so it's interactive, too.  For example, when the eyes are touched they blink.  To move to the next page, your child only has to press an arrow which means that it's easy to get the hang of how to "play with" the app!  Baby bookworm (who is almost 2) caught on immediately.

Why should you get this app?

  • if you have the hard cover book, this is a GREAT extension of it.  Children learn through repetition.  The app will further reinforce what you've learned in the book.
  • the song.  Is really cute and catchy.  It's baby bookworm's favorite part of the app.  By putting the words of the book to a clever tune, your child may soon be able to recite the book and "read" it on his own.
  • if you have never read the book before, it's a good way for your young child to learn/practice his colors  and body parts.
  • it's hands on and interactive.  Let's face it - activities that are fun become meaningful to the child, and this facilitates learning!

Go ahead and check it out for yourself.  I kid you not, I found baby bookworm reciting the book in her crib  thanks to this app.  I wish I would have caught it on video!  I could hear her little voice saying..."by Ed Emberley".  I'm not going to argue with an app that has taught her the author's name.

Worried about your toddler spending too much time in front of that cell phone screen plugging away at games and books?  It's a valid concern.  I have always lived by the slogan: everything in moderation.  And I think that is applicable here, too.  You can read this article on technology and toddlers written by a Richard Rende, Ph.D., if you are interested.

How are you motivating your child to read today?
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend Everyone!

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P.S. I did receive a free copy of the app, but it in no way influenced my opinion (or baby bookworm's). 


  1. Sounds like a very cool app! I love apps for my iPhone that my girls can use and learn from.

    Thanks for sharing with Favorite Resources :)

  2. Thanks for checking out the post Susan! The iphone is my sanity savior sometimes!

  3. My son loves reading that book. We just returned the library copy. I'll have to check out the app!


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