Friday, November 25, 2011

Just for Fun Friday: Little Red Riding Hood and a Topsy Turvy Doll

What's more fun than reading a classic fairy tale?  Reading a classic fairy tale with a 3-in-1 character doll! 

Yes, so this Black Friday we managed to come away with a really cute and educational version of Little Red Riding Hood (retold by Monica Hughes and illustrated by Adrienne Salgado), plus a Topsy Turvy Little Red Ridinghood Doll.  The doll is cool because it's all 3 of these characters in 1 doll - you just flip Little Red Riding Hood's skirt over her head to reveal grandma, then you flip over grandma's bonnet to reveal the wolf dressed as grandma.  TOO CUTE.

Baby bookworm LOVED (LOVED) reading this book while I flipped back and forth between the characters.  It really did make the story "come to life".  Talk about a great way to get a child interesting in reading! 

How are you making reading fun for your child this Friday?

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