Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Books for Parents' Not So Favorite Toddler Moments....

...like getting rid of that binky, potty training, and going to bed. 

Baby bookworm and I read all of these books listed below and thoroughly enjoy them.  Now, have they honestly helped baby bookworm ditch her binky at bedtime, learn to use the potty, or to lay in her crib without so much as a whimper?  Not even close.  But that's us.  I'm guessing sooner or later these little "life lessons" from these stories will sink in one way or another. So, we will keep on reading them, and enjoying them (and learning from them). 

Not So Favorite Toddler Moment #1: Getting Rid of Binky

I'm actually kinda embarrassed to admit that my almost two year old who speaks in full, complete sentences uses a binky at night.  I had full intentions of getting rid of it at a year....which moved to 18 months...which has now turned into her 2nd birthday (Happy Birthday, baby bookworm!).  But I'm really going to stick to it this time, and I'm hoping these books can help!

No More Pacifiers! by Melanie O'Brien and Amanda Enright

We've been reading this book since baby bookworm actually was a baby.  It's a really cute rhyming book that tells your baby bookworm all the reasons why he or she doesn't need a paci.  As you turn each page, one of the babies in the book gets rid of his binky, until all babies are binky free!  Nothing like a little peer pressure, right?  In addition to being a book to help your child ditch his pacifier, it's a great counting book, as well.

You might also want to check out:
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Not So Favorite Toddler Moment #2: Potty Training

Now, baby bookworm actually has had "potty words" since about 14 months, and has been using the potty since 15 months.  I once went 2 weeks without changing one poopy diaper (it's the little things in a mommy's life that make her happy). However, baby bookworm is still not potty trained...but I think she is pretty close.  Now I have to read up on potty training myself, and baby bookworm will be reading more of these books here...

Lily's Potty by Begin Smart Books

Not my favorite potty book, but baby bookworm adores it.  She has read it hundreds of times.  I think she really enjoys it because it's interactive.  It's a short book with few words, but on each page the child is asked where is Lily's potty (it's for poo and pee)?  And then the child lifts a large flap to see if the potty is there. 

Potty Time with Elmo

Again, not my pick for best potty book ever, but it's not always about me I'm realizing.  Baby bookworm, like many kids, loves Elmo.  And this Elmo (and his doll David) potty book has gone over as a real hit.  It is one of those little sound books where as you come to a particular picture in the story, you press that object on the side panel and it makes the appropriate sound.  In this book, there's a toilet flushing, a door closing, a toilet paper roll unraveling as well as a few other sounds.  Unlike Lily's Potty, I like that this book talks about underwear....

....which leads me to the next book...

Bear in Underwear by Todd H. Doodler

Not specifically a potty training book, but baby bookworm and I BOTH love this book about a bear who finds a backpack full of different underwear.  He tries them on to find the perfect pair.  It's humorous to see Bear in underwear that are too loose, or too scratchy, or too dorky.  If this book doesn't make your child excited about buying his or her first pair of underwear, I'm not sure what will.

Not So Favorite Toddler Moment #3: Going to Bed

Baby bookworm is just a night owl I'm realizing, and I may just have to deal with it.  In a perfect world as the clock strikes 7:30 I lay her in her crib, kiss her good night, turn out the light, shut the door.....and she drifts slowly off into slumber.  Maybe that's how it happens in your house, and bless you if it does, but that is very rarely how it happens in ours.  Baby bookworm's resistance to bedtime has gotten much, much better in the past few months, especially after we established a solid bedtime routine, but we are always trying to improve!  Here is our favorite bedtime lesson....

Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

I adore this book and all Anna Dewdney books.  In this story, baby llama's mama tucks him into bed for the night.  Or so she thinks.  As he is left in the dark of his room, he begins to fret and scream for his mama llama.  When she doesn't respond right away, he works himself up into a full-on tizzy fit.  Sounds familiar?  Very familiar.  In the end, baby llama learns that mama is always near even if she is not right there. 

You also might want to check out:
Just Go to Bed by Mercer Mayer

I hope you find comfort and humor in your toddler's "moments" with the help of
a few good books.

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