Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Assessing Learning

How do you assess your students' or child's learning progress?  Do you or your child's teacher use formal assessments?  Do you "quiz" your child?  Do you keep a mental or actual checklist of developmental milestones? 

So far my assessments of baby bookworm's learning and development have been pretty informal.  Basically, I keep a log, or calendar, of milestones.  For example, when she first rolled over, or said her first word, or first recited her ABCs, I have marked the date on a calendar.  I also keep a journal of anything noteworthy (for example, baby bookworm had a very brief stint where she struggled/stuttered over saying "I want" phrases and I recorded examples and dates this occurred).

How do I know what is normal or exceptional or even delayed development?  Well, for any major concerns I've always consulted with her pediatrician.  Websites like Baby Center can be helpful.  And I am a big fan of School Sparks (a website with great information on preschool and kindergarten readiness, child development, and fun early childhood activities) and Zero to Three (a website with lots of helpful information on early experiences, infant/toddler development, and parenting).  Last but not least, I use the knowledge I have gained over the years working with young children and conducting educational testing on children in preK through 8th grade.

Assessment is an important step in the learning process that should not be forgotten! 

So I've shared my strategies.
I'd love to hear how you incorporate assessment into your life.

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