Friday, October 28, 2011

Just for Fun Friday: Reading by Flashlight

So on this fun Friday we read a bunch of our favorite Halloween books.  We even tried on several Halloween costumes - a ballerina, a cheerleader, and a princess.  Baby bookworm was not crazy about ANY of them.  She has been telling me for the past month that she wants to be a white mouse or a black cat.....

So, of course, despite the fact that we've reading Halloween books since August, I waited until this week to search for a black cat or a white mouse costume.  No luck.  Christmas has taken over.  I might be able to find a cute elf or Santa costume at this point, but definitely no black cat or white mouse.  (Note to self - begin the costume search in August, too).

The most fun that we had today was reading Winnie the Pooh's Happy Halloween Search and Find book - BUT, we read it by flashlight. 

So, just as the day light was beginning to fade, we headed into our guest bedroom which was slightly dim.  I would shine the light on an object to find, and then give it to baby bookworm to search for it by flashlight.  It really was a lot of fun, especially since I pretended we were on some secret kind of Halloween mission. 

I hope your Friday is full of fun things, too!

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