Monday, October 10, 2011

An Easy School Bus Project to Help Teach Shapes, Colors, and Counting

I'm happy to introduce my very first guest post, written by Ms Maria who has been a preschool teacher for nearly 30 years.  She has taught in a private preschool setting and for the Head Start program. 

Today she shares with us a quick lesson that she uses in her classroom to help strengthen young childrens' knowledge of colors, shapes, and counting.


In my classroom I use this activity with the children to introduce several learning concepts in the same lesson. 

We begin by reading a Donald Crews book called School Bus.  It tells of the travels of school buses in the course of a day.  It is a book that I generally read at the beginning of the school year since children are just becoming accustomed to riding the big yellow bus all on their own.

Following the story, we do a school bus project that incorporates math skills.

What you will need to do this project:
1. Black, red, yellow, blue, and green construction paper
2. Scissors
3. A glue stick

Prior to doing the project with your students or child, you will need to cut the yellow paper into the shape of a bus.  Then cut out 1 blue rectangle for the door of the bus; cut out 2 black circles for the wheels; cut out 3 green squares for windows; cut out 4 small red triangles for lights.  If your child is older you can also add an octagon for the stop sign.

Once you have everything cut out, you can then begin the project with the child.  The child will glue each object onto the yellow bus.  While doing so, ask the child a few questions such as: "Where does the door belong?" or "Where do the wheels go?" 

Don't forget to review the colors and shapes of each object with your child, and to count everything as you go along!

A school bus project that teaches colors, shapes, and counting

You can even follow up the activity with another story.  My favorite is Wheels on the Bus because my students enjoy it so much.


Happy learning everyone!

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