Thursday, September 26, 2013

Halloween-inspired Fun: We're Going on a Ghost Hunt Plus Ideas to Extend the Learning {Book of the Week}

This week's book of the week is We're Going on a Ghost Hunt by Susan Pearson and illustrated by S.D. Schindler.

This book is a Halloween-themed take on the popular "We're Going on a Bear Hunt." Rather than a family searching for a bear, four pajama-wearing children set off in the middle of the night with flashlights in tow to find a ghost! Children will love the sing-songy, chant-like rhythm to the book, as well as the excitement that it stirs up. The illustrations are elaborate and really bring the adventure to life.

To extend your learning, after reading this story:

1. Reenact it. Pretend that you are going on your own ghost hunt. What's up ahead? How will you get past the obstacle? Pile up a bunch of pillows to represent a tree and crawl over them, or splash, splash, splash in a bucket of water to get across the river - the possibilities are endless. Reenacting the story is a great way to enhance gross motor skills.

2. Play "ghostbusters" - a hide and find counting game. Create ghost cut outs and hide them all around your house (or outside). Then, play the song "GhostBusters" as your child races to see how many he can find. Don't forget to count them as you go along. Who found more? Who found less?

3. Point out the onomatopoeic words - creeeeak - sqeeeak - eeeeeeeeek! If your child can talk, ask him to repeat them, if not, say them to your child - a few in the book are good examples of letter blends in words. What two letters do you hear at the beginning of the word?

4. Talk about real versus pretend/imaginary. What does it mean for something to be real or imaginary? Make a list of pretend things and those that are real to illustrate the difference.

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