Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Tale of Facing Fears: The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger {Book of the Week}

The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger is this week's book of the week.

An almost melancholy, yet comforting and powerful story of one little yellow leaf. Alone. On a branch waiting to let go and soar into the autumn wind. The leaf is not only lonely, but afraid. Find out what helps the little yellow leaf to overcome his fear and embrace what lies ahead.

This book is a symbolic tale that teaches children many important lessons: even when we seem alone, we are often not; sometimes the unknown can be scary; it can take some people longer "to be ready" for what lies ahead; a friend can make a journey more fun.

The language in The Little Yellow Leaf is poetic and full of rich vocabulary. The pictures are crafted in vivid, warm, autumnal hues. Don't be at all surprised if at the end of the book, you and your child say to yourself, "wow, that was beautiful".

After reading The Little Yellow Leaf, try the following to extend your learning:

1. Talk about the themes. There are some themes in this book that may actually elicit a sadness from your child at the end of the story. Talk about these important themes and feelings.

2. Discuss any new vocabulary. This book is full of vocabulary that is likely to stretch your child's ability to figure out meaning, so take the time to talk about any words that are unfamiliar and discuss what they mean.

3. Relate the book to your child. Making connections from text to self is a wonderful way to aid a child's comprehension. Ask your child, "When have you ever been afraid?" or "Describe someone or something that helped you get through a scary moment?"

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