Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Moving with Little Kids: How We Made Learning Fun with Limited Resources

It's been a crazy couple of months. We moved. And we survived the selling, packing, loading, and unloading of everything. Only now that it's all over can I actually breathe, and get back to posting!

Selling our house and finding a new one was LITERALLY a job. Cleaning our house for showings was an even bigger job with two baby bookworms. But, the biggest job in this whole process was finding a way to keep these little ones happy, entertained, and engaged in real learning activities while all their toys, books, and resources that we used day in and day out were packed away in boxes.

So what could we learn without all kinds of "stuff"?

Turns out a lot. You don't need fancy "stuff" to help your child learn. Sure, it's nice. But, as I was packing all of our stuff away I thought back to one of my favorite and most inspiring lectures that I heard in my graduate school career. It was on conditions, methods, and outcomes....let me explain.

As a parent I consider myself also a teacher. If I want to be a good one, my main goal is to take whatever conditions I'm given (a house full of boxed up toys, craft materials, and other learning supplies), apply the appropriate method (or delivery strategy) necessary to get the desired outcome (or learning goal). 

To me it's kinda like a fun challenge - making learning fun with limited resources.

So here we are packing, unpacking, and learning all the while:

Labeling boxes - practicing writing, letter sounds, spelling

Organizing bags and decorations - practicing sorting and patterns
Making comparisons - which is taller?

Practicing counting - 13 vases to pack

With all of our books packed, we made great use of the library, and borrowed a few books on moving. These three were our favorites, and we read them the week before moving.

Baby bookworm's favorite room in the new house? The office where she has her own desk.

My favorite room? A room devoted to all of our books! There are at least 10 boxes to unpack and I'm overjoyed to have a place to display them all and read them over and over again.

Looking back, the whole moving process wasn't too bad - I just hope we don't have to do it again for a very, very long time!

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