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10 Literacy Themed New Year's Resolutions to Help in Raising a Reader at an Early Age

Happy 2013!

Here are 10 suggestions for literacy themed New Year's resolutions for those of you trying to raise a reader at an early age!

  • Read to your child EVERYDAY (aim for 20 minutes if you can) - visit my How To Series on reading aloud for some suggestions on learning during read alouds.

  • Model good reading behaviors and habits.
          Research shows that children read more when they see others reading. So turn off the TV and cell phone and pick up a newspaper, magazine, or your favorite novel.
  • Make reading with your child fun.
          Reading to or with your child doesn't have to be a drag or feel like a chore. Make it fun for the both of you, and you'll be more likely to keep it up. Let your child pick out books that he loves, make up a book-related game, even read a comic book or two. Don't be afraid to really "get into" the story and make it come alive!

          Different books and stories teach different things. Alphabet books are great for teaching letter knowledge, picture books are fabulous for aiding in reading comprehension, and nursery rhymes have been shown to increase a child's phonemic awareness, a skill that aids in learning to read. So don't fall into the trap of owning ONLY picture books! Make it a goal to expose your child to a wide variety of books that will help him gain important skills. {Click the link above to read more on how to do this in your home}

  • Set aside some time each week to visit your local library - make it a ritual and stick to it!
          By taking your young child to the library each week - you are demonstrating that literacy is an important part of life. You are also giving your child essential access to a wide variety of books. Check out this previous post on the importance of a library ritual for more information.

  • Encourage your child to play with books - make books accessible for play by using bins throughout your home.
          You may have a toy box in your home, but make it a goal this year to have lots of book boxes or bins in most of the rooms in your home. Even the bathroom needs to have books!

  • Create a "print-rich" environment in your home.
          One of the simplest things you can do to encourage literacy at home is to make sure you have a print-rich environment. Read this post here for detailed information on how to go about this process.

  • Set a reading goal.
          Try to set a goal of reading X number of books before the end of the week, month, year - you name it. We are trying to read 1,000 different books! We have been keeping a book log, and it has been a fun way to get baby bookworm involved in the process. In fact, the last time we were at our library she exclaimed to the librarian, "I've read 200 books!"

  • Use books as inspiration (for cooking, crafting, outings - you name it).
          The web is full of creative book and learning ideas.  The Educators' Spin on It is one of my favorite blogs to find book-activity pairings. {You can find a bunch here though too!}

  • Create or join a children's book club in your neighborhood, or participate in one online.
          With support, you are more likely to make a real commitment to reading with your child. Click here to visit one popular online virtual book club for young kids.

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  1. These are great resolutions. Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase!


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