Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Quick and Easy Suggestions to Spark Young Children's Interest inBooks & Reading

I often hear parents comment that their young child doesn't like to read and/or won't sit still for story time. I have compiled some quick and easy suggestions to help children ages 3 and under gain interest in books and reading. Persistence, fun, and patience is the key with reading to little ones!

1. Reenact the story
2. Read in a fun location
3. Draw a picture about the story
4. Dress up as the book's main character
5. Keep a list of your favorite books
6. Read a book prior to a field trip
7. Complete an art or craft activity based on the book
8. Place bins or baskets of books throughout your house to encourage book play
9. Use props to tell the story
10. Make a game out of reading the book (e.g., can you find the word "the" on the page?)
11. Ask your child to "picture read" the story to you
12. Listen to an audio version of a story
13. Watch a movie based on a book
14. Prepare a meal around a book's theme
15. Create a list of common words from the books you read
16. Have a conversation and discussion about the book
17. Read interesting or different books (pop-ups, search and find, interactive books, lift-the-flap)
18. Read books with characters and themes that are interesting to your child
19. Read books that reflect what is going on in your lives
20. Reward and praise your child for having completed a reading-related goal
21. Visit your library
22. Get your child his own library card
23. Visit book stores
24. Let your child lead the reading session
25. Give your child books as special gifts
26. Create a reading routine or ritual
27. Read to your child with enthusiasm
28. Let your child see you reading
29. Read and repeat the book

And last but not least,
30. Start reading to your child as early as possible....and, read together often!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently! I am in-between computers and hope to be up and running with more frequent posts soon.

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