Monday, October 8, 2012

Making Career and Kids 'Work' for You: Mastering the Mommy Track by Erin Flynn Jay {Book Review}

I recently had the pleasure of reading an informative, insightful, and helpful book titled Mastering the Mommy Track: Juggling Career and Kids in Uncertain Times by Erin Flynn Jay. Whether you are a mom who goes to the office to work, or one who works from the comfort of home like myself - you will relate to the community of working moms who openly share their experiences, opinions, and advice in this book. What's more is that it offers solutions from doctors, psychologists, life coaches, and other field experts that transforms this book into a working-mom handbook that can be referred to over and over again.

Erin is a Mom Handling it All

Erin Flynn Jay is a mom who knows this topic first hand. In fact, her inspiration for the book comes from her own life experience of raising two young girls while working as the president of her own publicity firm, Flynn Media. Erin shares personal stories of struggles and successes in making her home and work life a healthy and happy one; she is not only a voice, but a role model for working moms everywhere.

A Comprehensive Guide 

Divided into four parts: Home Issues, Health Issues, Parenting Issues, and Work-Life Issues, Mastering the Mommy Track leaves no subject untouched. It offers insight into how to handle such things as mental health, communication, finances, romance, sleep deprivation, nutrition, parenting, childcare, support, time management, self-care, and work - all while playing the dual role as mom and career woman.

What Makes this Book Unique

Erin does not just summarize and offer expert advice - she creates a community for working moms to empower themselves with the information they need to lead happier lives. Juggling a career and kids is no easy task; it can feel isolating and overwhelming at times. Mastering the Mommy Track helps to break down these walls by sharing real-life stories of women who have "been there". No longer does a working mom have to feel like she's doing it all on her own - she can learn from and identify with the impressive mom contributors in this book.

Why You Should Check It Out 

We all want what is best for our family, our children, and our careers. But the fact of the matter is that it's not always as easy as it seems. Mastering the Mommy Track by Erin Flynn Jay takes the guess work out of handling it all. With useful advice from her own experiences, working mothers who have been there, and field experts - you will find yourself not only reading this book once, but using it as a comprehensive guide to becoming the working mother of your dreams.

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