Monday, September 10, 2012

Remembering 9/11 with a little book called September Roses

Awhile back baby bookworm selected a book from the library called September Roses. She was drawn to the book because of its cute and tiny size, and I shoved it into our library bag without even looking at it, or giving it much thought.

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It was only later that evening when I started to read it with her that I realized it was about 9/11. And I say started because I never could finish reading the book. Aloud, anyway. I read a few pages, and then drifted off into silence as baby bookworm watched me read the book to myself. It, of course, made me cry. 

I'm not certain September Roses is a book to be read with kids 3 and under. I don't think that it would fully be understood by them, anyway, and for me...for me, it was difficult to hold back the emotion that was aroused by reading it. I wasn't sure that it was something that I wanted to dive into quite yet with my little one. So we never did read it together - cover to cover.

But, I thought I would share it because it's a touching story that deeply moved me, and brought me back to that day...

I was living in NYC on 9/11. Here is my experience and what I can remember:

I remember being awakened by more sirens than you can possibly ever imagine, ever - all charging full speed down 2nd Ave where I lived.

I remember a phone call and a voice message saying "Hey, turn on the TV...have you seen what happened at the World Trade Center? Are you guys all right?".

I remember turning on the TV and watching in awe as the towers crumbled only blocks from my apartment.

I remember walking North - it seemed as if everyone in all of Manhattan was trying to get North.

I remember thinking I was in some kind of terrible dream - that this couldn't possibly be happening because "stuff" like this only happened in movies starring Will Smith.

I remember the outfit I had on that day - a bright blue tank and black capri pants.

I remember feeling afraid in the sense that a bomb might suddenly drop from the sky, yet safe from "NYC things" that would have normally worried me (like being mugged), because all of humanity was equally scared that a bomb might suddenly drop from of the sky.

I remember cell phones not working.

I remember hearing a girl - the one person in all of NYC who could actually get cell phone reception - say to a caller on the other end, "Well, I guess this means we won't be going to dinner in the Village this weekend".

I remember thinking - only in Manhattan.

I remember feeling thankful that I didn't personally know anyone involved in the tragedy, and yet feeling so sad because we were all affected somehow, forever.   

I'm not certain when or how I will explain my personal experience of 9/11 to baby bookworm,  or any of the events that occurred on this day in history to her. Maybe I'll be a coward and leave it up to her teachers and textbooks.

Maybe in a few years I'll work up the courage to read September Roses with her from cover to cover...aloud. Maybe. 

I do know that tonight, on the eve of Sept 11th 2012, I will hold my "baby" a little bit closer and feel thankful for all that I have.

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