Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Things We Are Loving Lately

I love to share what we love! Here are a few things recently that have gotten me really excited, and I hope you find something in this list that you love too.

BOOK: If All the Animals Came Inside
by Eric Pinder and illustrated by Marc Brown

What would happen if all the animals came inside? Your child will enjoy finding out in this entertaining tale with colorful illustrations from the creator of the Arthur books, Marc Brown. Baby bookworm especially loved seeing Arthur on the TV in one of the pictures.

STORE/PRODUCTS: Ikea's Children's Department

Recently we converted our "family room" into a full-on "play room". And thank goodness for Ikea. Seriously.

I hadn't been in this store since my college years, but was amazed at all the awesome (and affordable) furniture they had for kids. The only downfall to our trip was that I had a super duper difficult time leaving the place because baby bookworm wanted to play with all the toys, not to mention cuddle in every loft bed they had on display.

My favorite spots in our new play room are the dress-up area I created, and the book nook.

Dress-up play area: Mirror & hook from Ikea
Book Nook: Shelves & canopy ($10) from Ikea
Why does a play room need a dress-up area? Read a little about the importance of dress up play on Childhood Beckons.

Do you have a cozy spot for reading? For some book nook inspiration, check out this post on My Little Bookcase.

LOCAL SPOT: Crayola Factory in Easton, PA

If you live anywhere near the Crayola Factory - you really should make a visit there! The place is full of hands-on learning...with everything from a Crayola Glow Station, to plain old crayons, to an activity studio, to a demonstration on how crayons are made. Just be prepared to spend a good three hours there and to take home lots of crafts from your day of fun.

Here are some pictures from our visit (don't forget your camera either):

DVD & CD: They Might Be Giants: Here Comes Science

We have been listening to this CD non stop in the car. Baby bookworm has even begun to sing along with the words. It's crazy educational. Want your child to know the sun is 93 million miles from Earth? What ROY G BIV stands for? That Pluto is no longer considered a planet? Then definitely get Here Comes Science!

What's more, it's GREAT music. My husband has little tolerance for kiddie music. But this isn't kiddie music at all. It's good music with educational lyrics. The DVD contains the same songs as the CD, with cartoon videos.

I can even thank this DVD/CD combo for this real-life conversation that baby bookworm had with her Auntie Jamie:

Baby Bookworm's Auntie Asks: "So what planet do we live on, baby bookworm? Is it Mars? Or Pluto?"

Baby Bookworm: "Pluto isn't a planet anymore"


"Research shows that children get ready to read years before they start school. You can help your two-and-three year old learn important skills now so they can become good readers." -- Every Child Ready to Read@your library brochure.

Yes! Start young!

BLOGScience Sparks

I'll admit we don't do enough science activities, but I'm trying to change that with the help of this fabulous blog. There are tons of easy science ideas geared especially for little minds. I plan on doing this simple science lesson next week on Wet and Dry.

TOY: Baby Grand Piano for Kids

Lately baby bookworm has really enjoyed playing and singing along with her piano. I highly recommend it as a toy for a baby, toddler, or preschooler. Plus, according to this article from Parents magazine on the intellectual benefits of music for children, "listening to, moving to, and making music are all important parts of your baby's development in the first year."

Check out baby bookworm signing Ba Ba Black Sheep with her piano:

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