Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day: Motherhood and Me

Happy Mother's Day to all moms everywhere! Here's what baby bookworm had to say about her mommy when I asked her a couple of questions.

Keep in mind she is just approaching 2 1/2.

What's your mommy's favorite color? 


Correct she is! Yellow is so cheery and happy.

What's your mommy's favorite food?

"Italian food"

Close. I do like it, but my favorite is Indian food.

Who is your mommy's favorite singer? 

"Bon Jovi"

NOPE. I did see John Bon Jovi once at the Jersey shore and he sang Wanted Dead or Alive with the cover band at the bar which was really cool. BUT...not a fan. I don't think I really have a favorite singer. I guess this was a trick question.

What's your mommy's favorite thing to do? 

"Jump rope"

Now she's confusing me with my husband who jumps rope religiously. I like to read (has she not seen my blog?). And watch independent films.

What color are your mommy's eyes? 


Correct. She knows her colors.

How old is your mommy? 

"55 months"


What's your mommy's favorite TV show? 

"Super Why"

Nope, but I think that must be hers. I really like The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, and Oddities.

Here's what some bloggers had to say on Motherhood over at Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom.  What does being a mom mean to you? What is your favorite part of being a mom?

To me, the best part of being a mom is seeing how my daughter has grown and developed over the past few years. I love seeing little bits of me and my husband in her, and how she has become her own person as well. I love helping her to learn and discover the world, and preparing her to be independent (someday - hopefully not too soon).

Have a great one!

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