Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter-Themed Books for Babies and Toddlers

It feels like every time I turn around there is another holiday coming up, and now we are counting down to Easter.  We always celebrate each holiday with several books, both familiar and new.  I keep the holiday books that we own in special closet, and I put them on baby bookworm's bookshelves a few weeks before the big day. What I love about holiday-themed books is the excitement and anticipation they give to a young child.  Not to mention, they teach about traditions, religious beliefs, and customs.

Here's the books that have gotten us into the spirit of Easter.

Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs 
by Janet Morgan Stoeke

The hen Minerva Louise finds herself confused by the unusual eggs she discovers one springtime day at the farm.  Not only are the eggs in strange places, but some of them have spots and stripes!  In this story, your child will be taken on a fun egg hunt through the eyes of this lovable hen as she tries to figure out what kind of hen would do such a silly thing!

With text that is rich with springtime vocabulary - this book lends itself as a nice educational tool for the under 3 crowd.  The illustrations are full of bright colors that are contrasted by black outlines, and at 27 months baby bookworm already sees the humor in this tale which means she wants to read it again and again (and I don't mind).

Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs?
by Karen Katz

Over the past two years we have read many of Karen Katz's lift-the-flap books.  Why?  Because they are a guaranteed hit.  Karen Katz has the formula for a successful baby book, and has created several books that follow it.  Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs? is a great book for little bookworms under the age of 2 because the language is simple and fun.  But, those in the 2 - 3 age range will also delight in searching for the hidden Easter eggs in this book.

It's interactive. It's colorful.  It's a surprise on every page. And, it will give your baby a trial run before his or her own big Easter egg search.

My First Easter
by Tomie DePaola

What things do you associate with Easter?  Blooming flowers?  New clothes?  The Easter bunny? Coloring eggs?  Easter lilies?  My First Easter highlights some of the traditions of the holiday in a baby-friendly way. Use this book as fun conversation starter about how Easter is celebrated in your home - that's what we did.

Dora's Easter Basket
adapted by Sarah Wilson and Illustrated by Susan Hall

A fun tale for the adventurous child.  Like other books in the Dora the Explorer series, this book asks the reader to help Dora on her journey and, in this case, it's a hunt for twelve special eggs.

What I like about the Dora series is that: 1) it does teach kids Spanish, without "teaching" kids Spanish. In fact, one morning baby bookworm rattled off 1 - 10 in Spanish with ease.  I've never "taught" her this, but I'm thinking Dora did, and 2) there is an interactive adventure that asks the child questions throughout the book that are educational in nature.  It kinda makes the parent's job a little easier!

Baby bookworm is a huge fan of this book, and of this Spanish-speaking character.  And, I will have to admit that I enjoy them, too.

Little Rabbit's Easter Surprise
by Kenn and Joanne Compton

Little Rabbit wants to help his father the Easter Bunny on Easter morning.  As his father loads up a cart full of eggs for that day's Easter egg hunt, little rabbit decides he wants to decorate one more egg. When it's time to hide the eggs, little rabbit has a hard time letting go of his special egg. This book has a comic-book feel, which baby bookworm enjoys, and I love how it makes the Easter bunny family come to life.

Looking for a book about the real story of Easter, and not an Easter bunny tale?  Check out The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story by Jan and Mike Berenstain.

We haven't read this one yet, but I overheard a mom at the library mention it and definitely want to check it out.

And what did baby bookworm ask the Easter Bunny for this year? 
I can't make this stuff up.

And, because I can't let the Easter Bunny disappoint her, her basket will be filled with The Lorax,
Olivia Saves the Circus, and Flat Stanley.

Since she's very allergic to eggs - I figure it's the least he can do.

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