Friday, July 8, 2011

Do You Have a Love for Your Library? We Definitely Do....

As if I don't talk enough about how wonderful our library is, here are two more reasons why I love our library.

1). Cheap books. Like dirt cheap.  Like find change in your pocket, and you can walk home with a new home library collection cheap.

If you have been following along with my posts, you may know that I have made it a habit to check out these "sound box" books for baby bookworm each week.  These books are written by Jane Belk Moncure, who has a great site dedicated to early childhood education (I mention this because you really should check it out). Each book features a different letter and its sound (sometimes it includes blends too), and is full of alliteration (e.g., little f found five fat frogs).  It has cute illustrations, and pairs the pictures with the words. I'm very proud to say that baby bookworm has mastered almost every sound in the alphabet; for example, if I ask her "What sound does the letter d make?" She will give me the correct sound.  Now, she hasn't mastered the reverse, as in, "d..d..what letter makes that sound?" But I'm thinking this isn't too shabby for a 19-month old.  I credit, honestly, a lot of this knowledge to these wonderful books. 

So, a few weeks ago when we were at the library, I noticed that they had "upgraded" these books and finally bought newer editions.  We checked out a new version of the "h sound box". Then, the next time we visited the library, I realized that the older (outdated) sound box series was up for sale - at a bargain price of 12 books for $1.00!  So, yes, I bought 23 of these books (plus Richard Scarry's Best Little Word Book Ever) for all of $2.00.  Now, mind you, baby bookworm's bookshelves are full, but how could I possibly pass up this deal?  The series was missing the "a sound box" and the "f sound box" (which we had just checked out only a few weeks ago). Slightly disappointing, yes, that we wouldn't have the entire series, but I'll live I guess (or at least order the missing books online). 

Our Sound Box Collection

Now, how do baby bookworm and I decide which sound box book we are going to read since we have so many?  We play a game (an educational one, of course). I call it a "fishing game" where baby bookworm gets this little fishing rod that has a magnetic end on it (it's actually from a puzzle of hers), and tries to fish for objects.  The objects are really pictures of objects that I have cut out from magazines or books.  I place a paper clip on the "objects" so that the fishing rod can pick them up (note: the paper clips are a choking hazard, so you need proper supervision to do this activity).  Then, once baby bookworm has "caught" an "object" we read the book that corresponds with the first letter of the object she caught.  So, if she catches a duck, we read the d sound box book.  Baby bookworm LOVES this fishing game.  It's not only teaching her hand-eye coordination, but also some very important phonemic awareness skills. 

Baby bookworm and her fishing rod
Her fishin' objects - I got these from a book on Phonemic Awareness

2). So as if cheap, wonderful books weren't enough, our library gives out FREE concert tickets.  FREE - as in pay nothing!  Not even 10 cents. 

We got 4 completely free tickets to an outdoor orchestra concert overlooking our beautiful city (a $40 value, I think).  So we packed up our blanket, our wine and snacks, our baby bookworm and her books, and headed to the concert early for a little picnic, followed by music.  It was a very lovely weekday treat, courtesy of the library.

Enjoying a picnic, music, and the view - thank you library!

And if our love affair with the library continues, I'm thinking I just may have to get baby bookworm this Little Librarian kit for Christmas!  With all of the books we have accumulated, we just may need to transform our own book collection into a little working library.

The library kit
(a special thanks to a friend who showed me this "toy" - I hadn't forgotten about it!)


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