Thursday, May 5, 2011

Library "Daze" - Toddlerized: Keeping Up With a Developing Child

Another week at the library.  And boy did bookworm get lots of books.  I've actually found that lately she has really been able to sit for longer and more involved stories and has moved away from the "baby" books.  I have even debated on whether I can trade out her board books on her "help yourself" bookshelf for "real" books, but I'm still a little hesitant because I did catch her ripping a page in The Gingerbread Man the other day....

We really lucked out this week and got some GREAT books.  The toddler story time theme was bubbles, and baby bookworm thoroughly enjoyed both books (and ACTUALLY sat and listened to them).  But, we did not check out any books on bubbles.  Here's what we did get.

by Eric Carle

This is actually a book for "young readers" that tells the tale of a tiny seed that makes a journey through the seasons and ultimately lands on fertile ground and grows.  It's a longer book with many words, but I found a tiny seed kit (even came with stickers of illustrations from the book to decorate the flower pot) at the store Five Below and thought it would be a great opportunity to have a science lesson with baby bookworm (more on this to come).  Baby bookworm enjoys my shortened version of this story and loves to watch the seed she planted grow.

Our own tiny seed - how quickly this grew!

by Bruce Degen

This is a great book for toddlers (and babies) because of the fun sounds and rhyming.  It took baby bookworm a few read throughs on this book to get warmed up to it, but now we must read it "again" and "again".  I plan on doing a little science lesson with this book too, which is why I picked it (again, more on this to come).

My "m" Sound Box
by Jane Belk Moncure

As I have mentioned before I've been trying to work on sounds with baby bookworm.  Especially the sounds that are easiest and most natural for young children to make (such as d, p, t, b, m).  So here we are at m.  I think she's actually started to recognize this "type" of book, and she really enjoys it and is learning so much! 

Crafts: Letter Shapes
by Kathy Ross and illustrated by Jan Barger

Ok, so this book was for me.  I just thought it was cool because as I'm teaching baby bookworm letters and sounds, hmm....I could be doing fun letter crafts to reinforce these concepts in a fun way.  This is a really cute book that shows you how to make a craft out of each shape.  We, of course, made the mouse out of the letter M this week.  What I wasn't expecting from this book though was the fact that baby bookworm actually likes to read it too!  It's a wonderful alphabet book that both you and bookworm can enjoy.

The craft for letter M
by Joan Holub and illustrated by Jan Smith

This is a book about a group of students who take a trip to the apple farm, and as you experience their adventure, the reader counts down from 20 to 1.  This book would make a wonderful book for an elementary school class, and it's filled with fun apple facts as well as hidden math lessons.  It's a longer book, but baby bookworm really loves it (the text does rhyme).  She has lots of fun pointing to the numbers on each page.

by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault
illustrated by Ted Rand

This is a Reading Rainbow book from back in the day.  It tells a story of farm animals and the "skinny" kid who have a ho-down in the barn.  Again, this is a longer story - probably great for elementary school kids - but bookworm loves it.  She'll hand it to me and say "Barn Dancing".  Oh, and I should mention that she also probably loves it because I made her watch the Reading Rainbow episode as well, which the library so conveniently had.  Baby bookworm and I did some of our own dancing after reading the book.

Alistair in Outer Space
by Marilyn Sadler and illustrated by Roger Bollen

So, I got on this reading rainbow kick for some reason and we also checked out Alistair in Outer Space.  I remember this book from when I was a kid and it's one of my favorites, so this isn't the first time that baby bookworm has read it (we checked it out last summer too).  It's a story about Alistair (p.s., there are a few Alistair books) who gets taken (abducted?) to Outer Space by two aliens known as Goots.  It tells of his adventure trying to get back to Earth in time to return his library books to the library.  I also rented the Reading Rainbow episode to go along with this book as well.  I actually think it's great that she can see the book as a mini-cartoon, it only makes her like reading it more.

"Baby" bookworm reading Alistair in Outer Space

So, that's it, no baby books or board books - just big kid books from the library this week.  ugh, I should probably just own up to the fact that my "baby" bookworm is not a baby anymore (but I'm keeping the name since it sounds cuter than "toddler" bookworm).  And to top it all off, I "toddlerized" her room this week!  Yep, packed up all the old baby toys and replaced them with toddler toys.  She even got her own kid-sized table added to the "learning center" portion of her room.  I know already that she will spend many hours and hours at that table reading her library books.
The library and learning center, now with kid-sized reading table
Dramatic Play Area for my toddler

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