Saturday, February 5, 2011

Building Vocabulary Through New Experiences: Our First Vietnamese New Year Celebration

Yes, Chinese/Vietnamese New Year was on Feb 3rd this year, but today is our own official celebration.  Baby bookworm will be going to her grandparents to eat some delicious homemade Vietnamese food, dress in a traditional outfit from Vietnam, and most likely receive her first little red envelope with "lucky" money.  Oh, and there might even be fireworks.  In preparation for her first Vietnamese New Year celebration I purchased a relevant book, of course, to introduce her to what this holiday is all about. The book that I thought would capture baby bookworm's interest best was Lucky New Year by Mary Man-Kong.  It's a brightly colored interactive book with parts that move, things baby can feel, and pop-out pages.  She really loves it! 

My real goal, however, with this book was to build baby bookworm's knowledge and comprehension.  Children learn through experience but this experiential learning can be enhanced by laying the appropriate groundwork ahead of time.  So, her trip to grandma's house and the various things that she will experience today will be heightened because she was first introduced to new vocabulary and concepts through her storybook!

So, before taking that trip to the zoo or the doctor's office, you can really advance your baby bookworm's learning experience by reading a relevant storybook beforehand.  Make sure to talk about new vocabulary and concepts so that your baby bookworm can assimilate their new learning into their knowledge base.  I plan on doing just that today!

Baby bookworm's New Year's outfit from Vietnam

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