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David, David, and more David: A shared reading experience focusing on language skills

I'd heard of these "David" books and decided to see what they were all about.  I took one look at No, David! at the Lakeshore Learning store and, I could have written this, all it says is no David the whole book!  That day, I decided not to spend my money on it and got my baby bookworm, not a book, but a puppet instead.  About 3 months later I stumbled on this book in the library.  I figured, hey, at least it's free so I'm not spending $16.99 for a book that practically only has two words to it.  So I checked it out along with David Gets in Trouble and David Goes to School

In the past two weeks, I kid you not, we have read these books about a hundred's like my little one is obsessed!  I realized, of course, that there IS more to these books than two words.  And, I can give these books credit for: 1) teaching baby bookworm how to fake burp, 2) teaching her how to make a silly face (her's is pretty much just her tounge sticking out), 3) teaching her where her butt is, and 4) teaching her how to walk!  Yes, how to walk.  Who knew books could do that too.  But if I hold the book out in front of her and keep scooting backwards, sure enough she puts one foot in front of the other and is walking towards what is probably her favorite book in the whole world (at the moment). 

So, as a mommy, I guess I owe these books a lot!  And today I broke down and finally bought baby bookworm her first David book.  I'm sure it's the first of many.

Here’s an overview of these books and an example of a shared reading experience focusing on receptive and expressive language skills.

No, David! (A Caldecott Honor Book)
A picture book about a character named David whose mother always says “No, David” among other things when David’s doing the things he’s not supposed to do.
Written and illustrated by David Shannon
Copyright date: 1998

At the beginning of this book, the word “no” appears quite a few times!  I used this opportunity to get baby bookworm to repeat the word “no” (which is a word she understands and is in her expressive vocabulary).  After a few times of reading this book she now thinks it’s funny to shake her finger and say “no, no, no” much like an angry mother might.  In the scene where David is running down the street naked, I have a conversation with baby bookworm and ask such questions as “What happened to David here?  Why is his mommy mad now?” or I might say, “Where are your clothes?” Even though baby bookworm can’t answer, she does understand what I am saying since she tugs at her shirt like she’s going to take it off like David.  This book not only is amusing to baby bookworm but I have used it as an opportunity to explain to her why David’s mommy is angry with him.  For example, on the page where David is picking his nose, I’ll ask baby bookworm, “where is your nose?” “Can you say nose?” (receptive and expressive language skills) “David is putting his finger up his nose, which is not nice” and then I’ll shake my head no. The page with the toys is a great page to work on receptive language skills and I often ask baby bookworm to point to many of the objects in the picture, and I always name a few new ones.  At the end of the story, David’s mother says “Yes, David….I love you.”  On the first few times we read the book, I would say come here, give me a hug like David.  Now, she does this on her own, which of course, I think is the cutest thing ever.  I also explain to baby bookworm that even though David’s mommy gets mad sometimes, she will always love him.

David Goes to School
A picture book about things that David's teacher always says when he's getting in trouble in school.
Written and illustrated by David Shannon
Copyright date: 1999
(the book that helped baby bookworm learn to walk)

David Gets in Trouble
A picture book about things David always says when he gets in trouble.
Written and illustrated by David Shannon
Copyright date: 2002
(the book that taught baby bookworm to fake burp!)

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