Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?" Exhibit at the American Swedish Historical Museum: Books, Play, and Interactive Fun

The adorable red-headed rebel with the braids, Pippi Longstocking, is visiting the American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philadelphia!

A special "Do You Know Pippi Longstocking?"exhibit is now on display through February 16th, 2015. Children can learn all about Pippi and her author-creator Astrid Lindgren in an interactive environment that is not only educational, but loads of fun too.

We had the pleasure of visiting this museum and the exhibit for the first time a few weeks ago. It is an understatement to say that my children enjoyed it! The exhibit is full of bright colors that enchanted my little toddler, as well as imaginative play that engaged my preschooler.

Our fun family outing to the museum began with an impressive entrance. As we made our way into the Pippi exhibit we were in awe of the artwork, information, and child-centric learning activities!

Here's a glimpse of what we got to explore in the Pippi exhibit:

  • Pippi's horse

Pippi is one strong little girl! We got an opportunity to show off our own strength with this neat contraption that is rigged to allow you to lift Pippi's horse high in the air over your head. My daughter thought this "game" was really cool.

  • Pippi's Villa 

At the center of the exhibit is a playhouse version of Pippi's home known as Villa Villekula. We spent a long time role playing and cooking up a nice meal of fried fish, veggies, and cakes for dessert. There's also a fun "guess the smell" game included.

  • Astrid's book nook

A Pippi Longstocking exhibit wouldn't be complete without some of her beloved books! We took a few moments to relax in the book nook, meet the character, and delight in all of the different illustrations.

  • Pippi quiz

This quiz was the perfect way for us to learn about Pippi! We didn't know much about her before visiting the exhibit, but learned lots thanks to fun activities such as this one.

  • Dress-up play

We got a little silly in the dress up area, which included lots of options to pretend to be someone or something else!

  • Thing finding

"The whole world is full of things and someone needs to find them!" I think the biggest hit of the museum's Pippi exhibit for my kids was this chest of drawers. We discovered unique trinkets and displays and even toys behind the doors. I loved how this activity really spiked their curiosity!

  • Scavenger hunt

As you exit the Pippi exhibit to enter the rest of the museum, you'll find a map and invitation to complete Pippi's treasure hunt in each of the rooms! My preschooler was so excited to search for the small wooden box in each room, open it, complete the "game" and take a collection card. Once she collected all 10 cards throughout the museum - she turned them in at the front desk in return for Pippi's treasure. This activity allowed my husband and I to enjoy the rest of the museum, while at the same time making it fun for the kids.

The Pippi exhibit truly is fun for the whole family. It was a lovely way to spend the day learning and playing together. I sincerely wish we could have brought the playhouse home with us (that was my favorite part of the exhibit), but I guess we'll have to visit again soon.

Please visit the American Swedish Historical Museum website for more information about pricing, hours of operation, to become a member, or to read more about Pippi, Astrid, and this amazing exhibit!

Disclosure: We received free admission to the museum in return for this post. But, my opinions are honest, and our fun and learning was real!

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