Friday, September 30, 2011

Just for Fun Friday: Fostering a Love of Books

A couple of weeks ago baby bookworm and I went to a storytime at Pottery Barn Kids to meet Curious George.  She was quite frightened of Curious George actually, and was more interested in playing with their totally awesome throw-back style pink kitchen, but it was cute nonetheless and a decent way to spend a Tuesday morning.  There was also a table set up where kids could color pictures of Curious George.

Curious George at Pottery Barn Kids' storytime

Baby bookworm coloring a Curious George picture
The good thing about the storytime was that it was FREE.  Um, the bad thing was that I'm a sucker for totally cute stuff and Pottery Barn Kids is full of it.  So $25 later we emerged from the free, yet not so free, storytime with a pink cup for $5 and a $20 book.  But, that's OK....because did I mention their stuff is expensive totally cute?

So a $20 book for a toddler BETTER be totally cool, right?

And it is.

We love it, and it's totally educational and totally fun.  I guess you can say it's "out of sight!" (pun intended).

So on our one day a week where baby bookworm and I read "just for fun" we indulged ourselves in this pleasurable animal book full of little-known facts. 

Out of Sight by Pittau & Gervais is totally fun because:

  1. it's oversized, so we have made a habit of reading it "on our bellies"
  2. it's a lift-the-flap book and pop-up book combo; on some pages you'll see just the animal's silhouette on others you'll see their prints, or just their nose or tail.  Baby bookworm loves trying to guess which animal is under the flap.
  3. it's non-fiction and has some of the coolest animal facts I've learned recently.  Did you know rats are good jumpers?  Or that a kangaroo can't move backwards?

Reading Out of Sight
While the "recommended" age for this book is age 4 and up, like I've said before...
you might want to use your own judgement, rather than age guidelines,
when considering whether a book will be loved by your child. 

So I hope you had as much fun as we did reading for pleasure today. 
What did you read just for fun?

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